What to expect at your tattoo consultation at Paradise Tattoo Studio, Cheltenham

Feb 8, 2024 | Areola-Nipple Tattoos, Cosmetic Tattoos, Paradise Guides, Traditional Tattoos

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Or maybe you’re curious about the tattoo consultation process?  Here at Paradise Tattoo Studio, your consultation is more than just discussing designs; it’s a personalised journey that we’ll guide you through, every step of the way! It is our priority to bring your ideas to life and execute your tattoo to its full potential, ensuring the tattoo looks its best on your skin forever!

Our team of talented tattoo artists in Cheltenham cover all Traditional tattoo styles and offer a wide range of treatments in Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing; including Brows, 3D Areola Tattoos, Scar Therapy and Tattoos, Eyeliner, Lips and more!

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Why do I need a consultation before my tattoo?

A tattoo consultation an important first step in the process of getting a custom designed tattoo, providing an opportunity for both you and your tattoo artist to collaborate and discuss your tattoo ideas together; helping our artists bring your ideas to life and offer suggestions based on their vast knowledge and experience, offering you a totally unique and bespoke tattoo service.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet your artist and ask questions you may have about the design and tattooing process. We totally understand that if you’re new to being tattooed, there’s a lot of information online that can be useful but also can be conflicting and overwhelming, but some information online is not necessarily factually correct, so we encourage you to ask your artist as many questions and listen to their expert advice!

Do I need to bring anything with me to my tattoo consultation?

Reference images are a great way to communicate your ideas and vision with your artist. This can be images of tattoos that you like, illustrations, photography, treasured items, etc – anything that represents the ideas and subject matters you wish to include in your tattoo design. This will help your artist to understand the direction, style and composition of the design ideas you have in mind. It is also helpful to bring along examples of tattoo styles and designs that you like, such as watercolour tattoos, fineline tattoos, realistic/portrait tattoos, neo-traditiional tattoos or floral tattoos, etc – this will enable your artist to understand your likes and dislikes when designing your custom tattoo design. We strongly recommend bringing these ideas along with you either printed out, on a device to show your artist or sent via email to the studio or your artist prior to your consultation.

Our artists’ provide valuable insight and experience into the tattoo design process, ensuring your design meets your needs as well as complementing your anatomy and your skin, and ensuring your tattoo has longevity and clarity over time. If you have something specific that you’d like to incorporate into your design, let us know!

What can I expect at my tattoo consultation?

Tattoo consultations are free of charge with most of our artists at Paradise Tattoo Studio, they can be held in-person at the studio, via Zoom or telephone. Where possible, we recommend an in-person consultation, and for some tattoo concepts (specialised tattoos such as scar tattoos, mastectomy tattoos or large scale pieces, such as sleeves and backpieces, etc) we will require an in-person consultation in order to begin the tattoo process. Tattoo consultations usually take around 15-30 minutes, but can sometimes take up to 1 hour, depending on the nature of the tattoo and design.

Your artist will discuss all your ideas and reference images with you and advise on the best way to plan and execute your tattoo. An estimated timescale and price will be quoted for your tattoo and once you are happy to go ahead, and appointment will then be arranged. Once you have an appointment arranged and secured with a paid booking fee, a custom design sketch will then be drawn up for you in time for you tattoo appointment.

When will I see my design?

We understand that you’ll be eager to see your tattoo design that your artist has drawn for you. Our artists draw and prepare designs in their free time outside of their working hours at the studio. Because of this, our artist’s prepare designs in chronological order of their diary. At Paradise Tattoo Studio, we aim to have a composition sketch available for you to view 24-48 hour ahead of your appointment, however, each artist works differently and will advise you on a timeframe in which you can expect to see your design.

We are here to bring your vision to life and make sure you are happy with your tattoo. Small design adjustments can always be made to tweak the design if it will work for your tattoo. Please be mindful that design redraws and larger design changes may require a new booking fee to be paid in order to prepare a new design.

Why do I need to pay a booking fee?

In order to secure a tattoo appointment with our artists, all appointments require a booking fee to secure the appointment and designing time. Your booking is then deducted from the total amount of your tattoo price at your appointment. If your tattoo is spread out over multiple sessions, your booking fee will be deducted from the total amount at your final appointment.

What can I expect at my tattoo appointment?

Your artist will show your final design at your appointment, time is then taken to ensure the placement and size is right and the design fits and flatters your body. Your design will be applied using a carbon stencil and/or hand drawn on for you to approve before the tattooing begins. All our artists are fully trained and experienced, your tattoo is a collaboration with you and your artist but it is important to trust your artist’s professional eye and creative flair and be led by their expertise.

Once you and your artist are both happy with your stencil application, the tattooing will begin!! You will be given full aftercare advice at the end of your tattoo appointment.

We look forward to welcoming you to Paradise Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham and bringing your tattoo ideas to life!

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