Roxanna’s tattoo journey here at Paradise Tattoo Studio, Cheltenham and Brighton Tattoo Convention.

Jul 19, 2023 | Areola-Nipple Tattoos, Paradise Stories

areola-nipple tattooing, also known as nipple tattooing and medical tattooing, is a form of restorative tattooing to help people reclaim their bodies and feel more confident in their skin.

At Paradise Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham, our artists use their extensive skills, knowledge, and artistry in tattooing to create beautifully realistic, natural-looking areola-nipple tattoos as well as stunning decorative, mastectomy tattoos that are tailored to our clients natural form, enabling our artists to disguise or celebrate surgical scarring.

The impact of having an areola-nipple tattoo can be completely life changing, allowing people to feel confident and whole again which is something that we absolutely love to see here at Paradise Tattoo Studio. Body confidence and empowerment is something that we celebrate and it’s so beautiful to see our clients take their first glance at their new tattoo, whether it be an areola-nipple tattoo or even a traditional tattoo design to disguise mastectomy scarring – it can be an incredibly emotional and liberating experience.

Tanya had the pleasure of tattooing her inspiring client Roxanna, who has kindly shared her experience and tattoo journey with us all. As well as tattooing a 3D areola-nipple complex, Tanya also tattooed a stunning floral mastectomy tattoo design on Roxanna at the Brighton Tattoo Convention (which was her first time at a tattoo convention too!), it has been incredible to be part Roxanna’s tattoo journey and watch her confidence blossom.

“My name is Roxanna. In 2019 I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer and soon afterwards I was told I carried the BRCA 1 gene mutation. Four years on I remain cancer free and have 2 new boobs to show for this chapter in my life.

In January 2021 I underwent a double mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction. I can honestly say, although a difficult decision, it was one of the best I have ever made. 

At this time a close friend who knew of Tanya Buxton and the areola-nipple tattooing Tanya did, suggested I start following her on Instagram. I was blown away at the detail and the realistic images before me (when Tanya could actually keep her work displayed for long enough before it was removed). 

At my last follow up appointment with the hospital I was asked if I wanted Areola micro pigmentation. I already knew the limitations of this option and the high possibility of having to repeat the process, but more importantly, I knew of the incredible areolas that Tanya produced through tattooing. I politely declined!

Tattooed 3D areola-nipple tattoo
Healed 3D Areola and Mastectomy Tattoo

When I reached out, Tanya and her team shared relevant information, part of which noted I should let my skin heal from treatment and surgery before requesting to go on the waiting list.  Fast forward to November 2022.  The nerves of excitement I felt when standing outside that Paradise Tattoo ‘pink’ door turned into tears of joy when I finally met the incredibly talented Tanya Buxton.

Tanya spent a long time chatting to me (and my husband) and putting me at ease about what would happen, how the colour pallet would work etc. Finally with the Paradise play list in full swing my areolas began to develop whilst I lay back and couldn’t feel a thing!

The moment I looked in the mirror, was I know, going to be incredible, but I was not prepared for the beauty that was before me.Tears flowed and constant amazement as I took in the detail and the reality that I once again had areolas that looked like they had always been there. Aftercare information in hand and a follow up appointment made, I went on my joyfully happy way. 

Before I had my tattoos I was comfortable with how I looked, my scars had healed and unless I was naked, neither myself or anyone else knew what my body had been through, but my beautiful areola-nipple tattoos have lifted my spirit, my confidence and my energy for life. My husband loves them too.

I decided to have some additional tattooing by Tanya to close the chapter. Tanya tattooed me at the Brighton Tattoo convention in February 2023. I am now the proud recipient of beautiful blossom tattoos that represent the fragility of life but also the beauty it can bring. I’m hoping for one more tattoo by Tanya. This will be to link my stomach to my well constructed boobs, because without my stomach I would have no boobs!

If you are thinking of having your areolas tattooed, I highly recommend it, but I also highly recommend doing your research as this is a very intimate and personal thing to have done and it is there for life… Thank you Tanya for being the most beautiful and kind human you are. Woo hoo”

We’d like to thank Roxanna for sharing her story with us. If you are looking to find the right artist to help close this chapter in your breast cancer or preventative mastectomy journey, we offer an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment here at Paradise Tattoo Studio. With private rooms to ensure you have a comfortable and private space to get tattooed by one of our talented artists. Our artists here at Paradise Tattoo Studio are here to guide you through the tattooing process, every step of the way!

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