How long will my cosmetic brow tattoos last?

Feb 10, 2023 | Cosmetic Tattoos, Paradise Guides

Experience the beauty of long-lasting cosmetic brow tattoos at Paradise Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham.

Cosmetic brow tattoos are a form of tattooing, also known as Cosmetic Tattooing, Permanent Makeup (PMU), Micro-pigmentation, Nano Brows, Powder Brows and Ombre Brows.

Brow tattooing is a long term solution to daily make up application, and is perfect for adding volume and shape to all brow types including thinning brows, sparse brows and over-plucked brows.

Your tattooed brows will be created to compliment your natural facial features and bone structure, ensuring your brows frame your face perfectly.

How long will my tattooed brows last?

Read our blog to find out more about brow tattoos and how to keep them looking their best for longer!

Brow tattoos are created using cosmetic pigments that are specially designed to be used on the face. These specially formulated pigments are designed to heal more soft and natural looking than traditional tattoo ink. They also allow for the pigment to gradually fade in the skin over time, this is to enable changes and adjustments to be made as our skin ages over time. Our skin tone can change as we age, as well as our personal tastes and brow trends (we all remember those over-plucked 90’s brows!) so it is important we use pigments that allow for this.

Is it permanent?

This is a question we are asked a lot at Paradise Tattoo Studio, and its important to us to be honest with our clients and manage their expectations.

As with all forms of tattooing, including brow tattoos, pigment is implanted into the skin. Our skin is a living breathing organ and can be unpredictable in how it responds to cosmetic pigment over time, meaning it is impossible to guarantee that your brow tattoo will fade away 100%. This is why we do not call our cosmetic tattoo treatments ‘semi-permanent makeup’ as we believe it is irresponsible to promise clients that their brow tattoo will be ‘semi-permanent.

So as much as your brow tattoo will fade and soften gradually over (as explained above), the chances are traces of pigment will always remain in the skin. This is why it is so important to visit a qualified and experienced artist, to ensure your brow tattoo looks its best long-term.
We recommend maintenance treatments for your brows every 1-5 years to ensure your permanent makeup stays looking fresh.

There also some other factors to bear in mind that can affect how long your brow tattoo will last:

Your skin type: Oily skin will tend to fade the pigment more quickly than dry skin, so you may find you need maintenance treatments every couple of years, whereas other people might go 4+ years without needing maintenance.

Sun exposure: Sunlight can cause the pigment to fade more quickly, we recommend that you always wear SPF50 on your brows, even when they’re fully healed.

Your skin care routine: ‘Active’ skin care containing retinol, acids and AHA’s etc should never be used directly on the tattooed area, even once healed, as these ingredients will accelerate pigment fade.

If you’re considering getting a cosmetic tattoo in Cheltenham, Bristol, or Worcestershire, Paradise Tattoo Studio is here to give you the cosmetic tattooing experience that you deserve. Our studio is a comfortable and safe environment that’s nestled in the heart of The Cotswolds – Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

We’re easily accessible by car from cities such as Bristol, Worcester and Oxford via the M5 motorway. We have regular bus services from nearby towns and cities such as Cirencester, Stroud, and Gloucester and there are regular train services from London, Bristol, and other destinations! We also have a Park & Ride facility from Cheltenham Racecourse too as well as nearby car parks within walking distance from our studio.

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