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Each one of our artists have their own unique style and creative flare. All our tattoos are custom drawn for each individual, ensuring your piece of art is unique and designed to fit you perfectly. Whether you are looking to get your first tattoo or a large scale project piece, our team of tattoo artists at Paradise Tattoo Studio are here help! We cover a variety of styles including fine line, geometric, colour realism, portraits, neo-traditional and watercolour tattoos.

We also specialise in tattooing on a variety of scar tissue, working closely with many people looking to disguise or celebrate their scars with a bespoke tattoo design, including mastectomy tattoos, gender-affirming tattoos (top surgery tattoos) and scar tattoos. Read more about this highly skilled, specialised form of tattooing by checking out our Scar Tattooing blog post

We always recommend a consultation with your chosen artist so you can chat through your ideas and vision together. Consultations are also a great way for our artists to guide you through the tattooing and design process and answer any questions you may have. We have a super helpful guide on what to expect at your tattoo consultation here at Paradise Tattoo Studio, Cheltenham. Check out our consultation guide here

If you would like to discuss your tattoo ideas please fill out our enquiry form. You can also see our artist profiles below, including examples of their work.

Here at Paradise Tattoo Studio we pride ourselves on cultivating a vibrant and dynamic artistic environment by welcoming regular guest artists to our studio here in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We aim to bring a diverse range of styles and techniques to the studio, providing our clients a unique opportunity to experience different artistic styles from both our resident and guest artists.

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Mastectomy Tattoos

Help disguise and decorate scarring after mastectomy surgery. Reclaim your body and feel more confident in your skin again.

Top Surgery Tattoos

Tattoo designs can be used to disguise, camouflage and celebrate your scarring after gender affirmation surgery.

Medical tattooing

Includes areola-nipple tattoos, cleft lip restoration and scar tattoos. Create the illusion of finger nails, toe nails and belly buttons.

Scar Tattoos

An increasingly popular and transformative treatment to disguise, camouflage and even celebrate your scars.

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