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Magnum Masterclass

Take your PMU skills to the next level! Learn how to become a more versatile artist, improve your healed results, minimise skin trauma and reduce your tattooing time.

Blending her years of traditional and cosmetic tattooing experience, Tanya has developed this masterclass to help elevate your PMU skills and improve your tattooing. Tanya’s extensive knowledge in needle, machine and tattoo techniques delivers an in-depth training like no other.

You will learn how to colour pack, blend, whip shade and pixel shade using larger needle configurations and magnum needles, safely and effectively in the skin. Providing you with the skills to create a variety of looks for brow and lip tattoos, on all skin types.

This training course promises to deliver thorough and in-depth learning with small, intimate classes of 2 on 1 training; enabling artists to leave their training confident and knowledgeable, and ready to embark on a new chapter in their PMU career.

This course includes at home pre-learning material, 2 or 3 days practical training at Tanya’s tattoo studio Paradise, demonstrations, mat practice and live models, for real hands on learning. With an optional case study assessment after training is complete, for additional support.

Magnum Masterclass includes:

  • In-depth Needle theory
  • Detailed skin module
  • Machine theory
  • Tattooing techniques
  • Understanding the relationship between skin types and needle choices
  • Choosing the right needle for your client
  • Choosing the right technique for your client
  • Health and safety
  • Contraindications
  • Set up / equipment
  • Pre appointment advice
  • Aftercare advice
  • Product information
  • Cases studies and assessment (optional)

Choose from a 2 day course for Brows or Lips, or upgrade to a 3 day course to learn both together.

This course includes at home pre-learning material, in-house training with Tanya Buxton at Paradise Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham, and a choice of mat practise only or an additional optional of live model practise, for real hands on learning. With an additional case study and assessment option after training is complete, for continued support.

Price List

Magnum Masterclass

from £1,500

Limited spaces available – 2 or 3 day courses

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