Nicki’s mastectomy journey here at Paradise Tattoo Studio, Cheltenham.

Jul 14, 2023 | Areola-Nipple Tattoos, Paradise Stories, Traditional Tattoos

Are areola-nipple tattoos just for people who have had a mastectomy? We offer a variety of tattoo treatments here at Paradise Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham to accommodate everyone.

Tattooing can offer a huge variety of options to help disguise and decorate most types of scarring after mastectomy surgery, gender affirming surgery and many cosmetic surgeries such as breast reduction and breast enhancement surgery; helping people to reclaim their bodies and feel more confident in their skin again.

As well as 3D areola-nipple tattoos, tattoo designs can be used to create balance and symmetry to the chest, disguising scarring and enhancing the breast shape. This beautiful art form can be used to decorate the skin and celebrate our wonderful bodies. Our team of talented artists at Paradise Tattoo Studio create custom designs for each individual, ensuring everyone has a unique piece of artwork especially for them that will compliment their body shape.

At Paradise Tattoo Studio in Cheltenham, we offer a variety of tattoo treatments to help people feel more confident in their skin. Many people choose to mix both Medical and Traditional Tattooing for their post surgery tattoos; incorporating a stunning tattoo design to help disguise any scarring alongside a realistic 3D areola-nipple tattoo. Which is what our client Nicki opted for to end the chapter of her healing journey after complications occurred during a breast reduction when she was 19 years old.

Breast reduction procedures can yield transformative results, but in rare cases, complications such as necrosis of the nipple and areola can occur, this can be an alarming and distressing situation. This is how we got to know Nicki, our beautiful and amazing client who was looking for a permanent solution to her faded areola that was tattooed over 20 years ago using semi permanent inks that faded dramatically.

Nicki has kindly agreed to share her journey with us all:

“Following a negligently performed breast reduction when I was 19, I ended up having a double mastectomy. I went through many reconstructive surgeries over the years, initially with implants then twelve years later with a bilateral TRAM flap reconstruction. I had the NHS tattooed areolae that faded really quickly, and looked awful anyway, so I decided I wouldn’t bother getting them redone. 

Fast forward twenty years, and with the help of a great therapist, I was finally getting to the point where I felt I deserved to be happier with my body. I’d seen a few cosmetic tattoo artists who did areola/nipple tattoos, and was quite impressed, then I came across Tanya’s work and was blown away at how amazing her art is. 

I first met Tanya late in 2021 for an initial consultation, and she is such a beautiful soul who obviously cares about making a difference to how people feel about themselves. It took me a while to book in because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, and I was scared that I might be disappointed with the result. 

After – 3D areola nipple tattoo

I had my first session late 2022, and disappointment couldn’t have been further from my experience. I decided not to look until the end of the session, and Tanya chatted away to me all the way through, making me feel at ease. When I finally looked in the mirror I was speechless. Having not had areola and nipples for almost 33 years, when I looked at myself, I looked ‘normal’. Having felt less than normal for my whole adult life, it took a while to find words to express myself. 

My husband was (and still is) so impressed with them, he described them as art that looks three dimensional no matter what angle you’re looking from. 

After getting used to my new boobs, I decided that I also wanted to disguise the reconstruction scars, and Tanya suggested Rosie might be the best artist to give me what I wanted. I met with Rosie and we discussed what I was hoping for and she came up with a stunning floral design that covered the scars I had the most difficulty with, and helped to create symmetry. I really love my flowery baps (as my husband calls them).

Tattooed 3D areola-nipple tattoo
Healed 3D areola and mastectomy tattoo

Rosie is another gorgeous soul, who made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and she is a wonderful artist too, taking such care over the placement of the designs. 

To say that Tanya and Rosie changed my life would be an understatement. I finally feel comfortable looking in the mirror, and comfortable with undressing in front of my husband, and this year I’ve bought myself a triangle bikini top! Something I haven’t worn since I was about 15! 

I am currently deciding what to have to cover the scars on my stomach from the TRAM reconstruction, and depending on the style, I may even end up being tattooed by yet another Paradise artist!”

If, like Nicki, you’re looking to find a tattoo artist in Gloucestershire to talk through your areola or traditional tattooing options after surgery, we have artists here at Paradise Tattoo Studio that are here to help you begin your tattoo journey. And for our clients that are looking for a solution after gender affirming surgery, we also have regular clinics each month at the London Transgender Clinic.

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