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Medical & Restorative tattoos

Tattooing techniques can be used to create a variety of Medical Tattoo treatments, including 3D Areola Tattoos, Cleft Lip Restoration, Scar Camouflage and Scar Tattoo designs. These techniques can also be used to recreate the illusion of fingernail tattoos and also 3D belly button tattoos after surgeries, injuries or trauma. Phalloplasty tattoo treatments are also available to create a more realistic look to phalloplasty surgery (FTM bottom surgery).

Our artist’s wide range of knowledge in traditional, cosmetic, and medical tattooing ensures your tattoo is executed safely and to the highest quality.

Our experience in medical tattooing and dealing with scar tissue, paired with our highly developed art and tattoo skills make us go to the studio for any kind of medical and restorative tattoo; be it a realistic 3D areola-nipple tattoo, recreating a 3D belly button or a decorative tattoo design to disguise scarring.

We can also treat the appearance and texture of a range of scarring and skin concerns with Micro Needling and Scar Camouflage treatments; these procedures can be used on a variety of scars and skin concerns including, burns, and stretch marks, including surgery scars, self-harm scars, acne scarring and vitiligo.

Once scar tissue is fully healed and matured, most types of scarring can be safely tattooed. We always recommend a consultation with one of our tattoo artists to discuss your ideas and assess the skin. Consultations are also a great way for our artists to guide you through the tattooing and design process and answer any questions you may have.

Each one of our artists has their own unique style and creative flare. All our tattoos are custom drawn for each individual, ensuring your piece of art is unique and designed to fit you perfectly.

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