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Tanya Buxton

Tanya Buxton

Cosmetic, Medical & Traditional Tattoo Artist

Owner of Paradise Tattoo Studio, Tanya began her career as a traditional tattoo artist in 2009.

She has travelled all over the world working at various tattoo studios and conventions, establishing herself firmly within the tattoo industry. She progressed into Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing in 2015, offering a wide range of tattoo treatments for brows, eyeliner, lips, scalp, areola and scars.

In 2024, Tanya launched a pioneering partnership between the NHS, at Kingston Hospital in London where Tanya is offering breast cancer patients 3D realistic areola-nipple tattoos after their mastectomy surgery and breast reconstruction following breast cancer or BRCA diagnosis. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as it is the first time the NHS has ever enlisted a traditional tattoo artist to provide areola tattoos for their patients.

Tanya’s incredible areola-nipple tattoo offering also extends into private healthcare. Tanya works with Nuffield Healthcare, providing Areola tattoo clinics at the Nuffield Cardiff Vale hospital. As the first tattoo artist to be working within the Nuffield offering Areola and Medical Tattooing, she is very proud to be representing the tattoo industry at this prestigious facility.

Tanya has enjoyed a successful tattooing career thus far and has been published in several magazines, books, podcasts and online blogs both in the UK and internationally, including the Wall Street Journal, VICE, BBC, Phaidon Publishing, Inked Australia, Memento Publishing and Tattoo Life Magazine.

Tanya’s extensive knowledge and passion for tattooing make her a highly skilled and versatile artist and tattoo educator; with clients travelling far and wide for Tanya’s perfectionist attitude and attention to detail, as well as her warm and welcoming personality.
Tanya offers a wide variety of treatments at Paradise Tattoo Studio including 3D areola-nipple tattoos, mastectomy tattoos, scar camouflage, gender-affirming tattoos and permanent makeup.

The Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance, a registered charity founded by Tanya; dedicated to supporting the breast cancer community, by providing funding, skilled artists and education for Mastectomy Tattoos.

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