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Freckle Tattoos

Tattooed freckles are a popular, on-trend cosmetic tattoo; loved for their youthful appearance and sun-kissed glow.

Many people choose to have tattooed freckles in favour of make-up and henna freckles, choosing a more long-term and permanent option for realistic freckles.

Freckles are unique and add character and charm to your appearance. At Paradise Tattoo Studio, we celebrate individuality and love helping you embrace your natural beauty with our expertly crafted freckle tattoos. Whether you want to enhance your existing freckles or add a sprinkling of new ones, our talented artists will work with you to create your freckle tattoo to your individual desired look; tailored to suit each person’s facial features, skin tone and aesthetic. Healing to a soft and natural freckled look.

Give yourself a fresh-faced, freckled glow all year round and embrace your individuality with freckle tattoos at our Cheltenham-based tattoo studio Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. Our expert tattoo artists specialise in creating beautifully tattooed freckles near you!

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Freckle Tattoo Price List


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