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Areola Tattoo Training Program

Tanya Buxton’s much anticipated Advanced Areola Tattoo Training is here! Tanya Buxton is a world renowned tattoo artist, internationally recognised for her areola-nipple tattooing and recommended by medical professional from all over the world.

This in-depth training program has been developed for experienced tattoo artists to evolve their skills into medical tattooing.

In this training program you will learn how to create beautifully natural and realistic 3D areola-nipple tattoos, for the Breast Cancer, BRCA and transgender/gender diverse communities, following mastectomy surgery and breast reconstruction.

Tanya has spent years developing this tattoo training program to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to execute these life-changing tattoos safely and effectively. It has been specifically designed with tattoo artists and PMU artists in mind to help you elevate your career into areola-nipple tattooing, providing the perfect first step into this advanced form of restorative tattooing and enabling you to then progress into other areas of medical tattooing such as gender-affirming areola tattooing and scar camouflage (these additional training courses are available once you have completed the Advanced Areola Tattoo Training Program).

With over 20 weeks of learning and post-training support, this training program is a unique opportunity to learn from Tanya Buxton, who is an industry leader and innovator in her field. Tanya’s passion and dedication to tattooing, and her attention to detail will ensure you receive in-depth training and support as you embark on your journey into medical tattooing.

Enrolment requirements:

  • This is an advanced training for seasoned and experienced professional tattoo artists. A minimum of 5 years professional, studio experience and machine experience is required to enrol in this training program.
  • Please fill out the training registration form in detail to join the student waitlist.
  • Please note: You may require to complete additional training in order to meet the enrol requirements for the Advanced Areola Training Program.

I’m a permanent make up artist, can I take this training? Yes, absolutely! This training program is advanced and requires artists to be experienced in tattooing using magnum needles and large needle configurations. It is important you are properly trained in this area and are knowledgeable and confident using these types of needles and executing a variety of tattoo techniques. Tanya has designed additional tailored training options to support PMU artists and develop their skills in preparation for enrolling in this advanced areola tattoo training course. To register your interest in and join the student waitlist please fill out the training registration form in detail.

I’m a medical professional looking to learn areola tattooing with Tanya, can I take this training? Unfortunately, this particular training program is for experience tattoo artists. However, Tanya works closely with the NHS and many medical facilities offering her services and also specialist training programs and support for nurses and medical professionals looking to either develop their current skills in areola tattooing or to learn this wonderful skill as a beginner. For more information on this specially designed training program please contact Tanya directly.

The Areola Tattoo Training Program includes:

  • Detailed Pre-Learning Training Manual
  • 8 week at-home learning modules
  • 5 Virtual Classes
  • 5 days in-house training
  • 12 week post training student support program
  • Case studies and assessment

You will learn:

  • Mastectomy surgery
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Breast cancer treatments
  • Contraindications
  • Scar Tissue
  • Tattooing scar tissue
  • Skin structure
  • Fitzpatrick scale
  • Areola artistry
  • Colour theory
  • Pigment theory
  • Needle and Machine choices
  • Tattoo preparation
  • Tattoo application
  • Client consultations
  • Pre and post tattoo care
  • Photography
  • Product recommendations
  • Marketing and Advertising tips
  • And much more!

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Areola Tattoo Training


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